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Irish Papermoney Historical Timeline
All Ireland 1754-1836

Historical Timeline of Irish Paper Money

Irish banknotes ca1754-1836

Private Banks of six partners or less

An act of 1754 changed the law on banking. It restricted banks were to organisations of six partners or less, and prohibited merchants from engaging in banking. This had the effect of largely excluding merchant funds from banking.

The Bank of Ireland was founded in 1783 by Royal Charter with special privileges as a large private joint stock bank. It was the only bank in Ireland with more than 6 partners, and was located in a single premises in Dublin.

Examples of notes prior to around 1800 are rare.

La Touche 5 guineas post bill 1814Ffrenchs Bank Dublin 10 PoundsBank of Ireland 10 Pounds 1804Ffrenchs Bank Post bill 3 Pounds 1813Belfast Commercial Bank William Tennant One Pound 1811Belfast Bank 25 Shillings 1827
Gibbons & Williams 30 Shillings 1833Finlay 5 Guineas 12th July 1825Bank of Ireland 5 Pounds 1823
Northern Bank Hugh Montgomory One Pound 1819


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