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All-Ireland Currency - Ulster Bank

ulster bank banknotes 1836-1928
Ulster Bank one pound 1916

Ulster Bank, Three Series: Series A 1836 - Series B 1852 - Series C 1920

Series D 1929, Northern Ireland overprints. Series E, Northern Ireland Issue, commencing 1929

Ulster Bank one pound 1850

The Ulster Bank Ltd


The Ulster Banking Company was founded on 22 February 1836 as a result of a meeting in Belfast to open a National Bank branch. The bank was established on 1 April 1836 with approximately 830 shareholders. It was to have started business on 1 June 1836, which is the date on its first banknotes. Final arrangements had not been completed, however, and the bank did not start to operate until 1 July 1836.

The Ulster Banking Co. opened an office in Dublin in 1862, and changed its name to The Ulster Bank Ltd. on 1 September 1883. In 1917 the bank’s share capital was bought up by the London County and Westminster Bank Ltd. The Ulster Bank continued to be a part of The National Westminster Bank Group which was taken over by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2000, but retains its Ulster Bank identity in Ireland.

It issued the full range of Consolidated Banknotes in 1929, as well as its own Northern Ireland issue. The bank continues to issue banknotes in Northern Ireland.

Ulster Bank 20 pounds 1914
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