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All-Ireland Currency - The Northern Bank

Ireland Northern Bank 1824-1927 banknotes
Northern Bank, one pound 1912

Northern Bank, Eight Series: Series A 1825 - Series B 1850 - Series D 1921

Series E, 1929 Northern Ireland overprints. Series F, Northern Ireland Issue, commencing 1929

Northern Bank, one pound 1824 Armagh

The Northern Bank


Established as The Northern Banking Company on 1 August 1824, with 264 shareholders, it took over the business of Montgomery’s Private Bank, operating since 1809. The Northern Bank opened on 1 January 1825 in Belfast and commenced the issue of banknotes. Northern notes were always printed on both sides.

In 1867 the Bank was incorporated. It changed its name to The Northern Banking Company Ltd. on 1 September 1883. In 1888 the Bank bought the business of Ball & Co., Dublin, for £22,500, and opened an office there.

On 1 January 1929 the bank changed its name to The Northern Bank Ltd. It issued Consolidated Banknotes in 1929, as well as its own Northern Ireland issue. It continues to issue banknotes in Northern Ireland to this day.

The Northern Bank was taken over by The Midland Bank Group in 1965 and had the Belfast bank merged into it in 1970. In 1987 Midland sold the Northern Bank to National Australia Bank. After this takeover, the identity of the former Northern Bank in the Republic of Ireland was changed in name to National Irish Bank, with the Northern Bank identity remaining only in Northern Ireland.

In December 2004 Danske Bank took over Northern Bank and National Irish Bank. In 2014 the Northern Bank name was replaced by that of Danske Bank on its Northern Ireland note issue.

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