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All-Ireland Currency - The Hibernian Bank

The Hibernian Bank 1826 tokens
The Hibernian Bank One Pound 1826

Hibernian Bank, Two Series: Series A 1826 Series B 1829

Hibernian Bank three pounds token 1826

The Hibernian Bank


The Hibernian Bank was founded as The Hibernian Joint Stock and Annuity Company in April 1825. It opened on 20 June 1825 with 1063 shareholders, many of them London based. Its foundation by a group of Dublin businessmen was in response to anti-Catholic discrimination by Bank of Ireland. It changed its name later to The Hibernian Bank. The bank aimed itself primarily at the Dublin business community.

Bank of Ireland opposed any attempts by The Hibernian Bank to acquire the right to issue banknotes of its own. The Hibernian issued Tokens, engraved on stamped paper, signed and dated. Although legal, these were withdrawn following their opposition by Bank of Ireland. There have been unconfirmed reports of a Hibernian banknote issue dated 1825 or 1826. This may be the banknote-like 3 Pound post bill, dated 1829.

In 1844, the Hibernian again tried unsuccessfully to obtain the right of note issue. Any further attempts to obtain the right to issue its own notes were prevented by the 1845 Act.

In 1885 the Hibernian Bank was reconstituted and the name changed to The Hibernian Bank Ltd. The Bank received the right to issue its own Banknotes in 1929, when it issued Consolidated Banknotes in the Irish Free State.

The Hibernian Bank was taken over by Bank of Ireland in 1958.

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