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Bank of Kingscourt

Banknotes of the Irish Private Banks
Bank of Kingscourt, Co. Cavan

Kingscourt, Co. Cavan, Ireland mapBank of Kingscourt 1809

Bank of Kingscourt - 1 Series, Sole Partner

Kingscourt's mystery bank

The Bank of Kingscourt is the only Private Bank known to have issued notes in Co. Cavan. In addition to 1 Guinea notes, Post bills for 3 Guineas have also been seen. Examples of the bank's notes indicate that the Bank may also have operated from a Dublin office, address unknown. The design bears a resemblance to Bank of Ireland notes of this era.

Very little is known about this bank. It does not appear in any list of private banks of the era. Unusually, the names of the partners do not appear on the notes. This bank may have been a case of a merchant who engaged in banking as an adjunct to their main business. So long as stamp duty was paid on notes, registration as a bank was not required.

Saunders' Newsletter of 13 August 1804 lists a Michael Birmingham as operating as a banker in Kingscourt. This may be the operator of the Bank of Kingscourt.

Bank of Kingscourt note issues

Examples of banknotes and post bills are known, only in Guinea denominations. Except for one apparently issued note which has been mounted, all surviving notes are unissued. Notes of the Bank of Kingscourt are rare.

One Series of notes known for Bank of Kingscourt

There is one Series for banknotes of the Bank of Kingscourt by design. The identity of the banker is unknown.

Denominations recorded: Banknotes in denominations of One Guinea and post bills for 3 Guineas are known.
Printers: Martyn Seul

Bank of Kingscourt One Guinea note
Bank of Kingscourt, One Guinea proof

Bank of Kingscourt, One Guinea, 1809
An issued version of the Bank of Kingscourt One Guinea note, dated 7th April 1809

It has been said that the handwritten details on this note could be spurious

Bank of Kingscourt, 3 Guineas
This unissued Bank of Kingscourt 3 Guinea Post Bill dates from 1805-1809 and indicates that the Bank may have also operated from a Dublin office

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