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The National Bank of Ireland
Series D 1921-1927

National Bank of Ireland General Issue with branches removed

All denominations printed on both sides

Shortly after Series C banknotes entered circulation, the The Bank Notes (Ireland) Act 1920 removed the requirement of banks to make payment on their notes at the branch of issue, stated on the note, as well as at the head office. The requirement to state the branch of payment on a note had lead to all the branches being stated on every note. The 1920 Act allowed for the removal of branch listings on the notes (leading to Series D for the National Bank issues, which the bank considered to be a new issue). The bank yet again redesigned its notes. Printing on both sides had already been introduced on £1 notes, and it is likely that reverse printing was planned for further issues of the other denominations. All notes are of similar size. The first issued note is a £1 note dated 2 September 1921.

Apart from the omission of the bank’s branch listings, the central area was redesigned slightly to use the space previously occupied by the list of branches. The bottom denomination box was moved up on the three lower denominations, and on £1 and £5 notes the bank’s crest and the denomination medallion were moved down by a similar degree, whilst on £10 notes the upper denomination medallion remained in the same position.

Series D 1921-1927. General Issue without branches

There are two Types for Series D banknotes by signature: Type A, signed R. C. Wilson (1922–1924) with watermark THE NATIONAL BANK LIMITED; Type B signed J. Brown (1924–1927) with watermark THE NATIONAL BANK LIMITED and a shamrock on either side. These two Types divide into several variations. Printed area 144 x 84 mm.

Type A
Ireland, National Bank Limited, One Pound 1922Ireland, National Bank, Five Pounds 1923

Type B
Ireland, National Bank Limited, Ten Pounds 1924

Banknotes by date

An image of every date of each denomination of Series D is in the National Bank Series D 1921-1927 Date Listings section: £1 Notes, 12 dates; £5 Notes, 7 dates; £10 Notes, 3 dates. • Version 2.1.0 • Last update • COPYRIGHT ©2000, 2009, 2015, M Mac Devitt. Reproduction with citation permitted.