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The National Bank of Ireland
Series A 1835 Branch Issues

National Bank single branch banknotes

Relatively little is known about Series A banknotes as very few examples of issued notes have survived. Proofs and specimens are common.

Series A. [1835-1865] Individual Branch Issue

Large sized banknotes. Uniface. Head Office not listed on banknotes.
The name of the branch of issue is printed at the top of each note inside the border.
Most known banknotes are Specimens, Proofs or cancelled issued notes. A few surviving issued £1 notes have been offered, most of these being banknote number 1 of a branch. It is possible that all the number 1 notes were retained.

Three Types by design variation

There are three Types by major design variation for Series A banknotes, and several variations.

Type A
National Bank one pound 1835National Bank 30 shillings 1840s

Type B
National Bank one Pound 1866

Type C
National Bank one pound 1870

Three Types

A. 1935. The National Bank of Ireland.
Denomination in figures on the top right.
Three varieties:
Type A1. Coat of arms without dogs.
Type A2. Coat of arms with dogs on each side of it.
Type A3. Denomination in outline letters added in the centre of each note.

B. 1856. Bank title changes to The National Bank
Denomination in large letters in the centre of each note.
Other minor variations exist, including the designation of the currency as “Pounds Irish” and “Pounds Sterling” at various different times.

C. ca1870. Protomultibranch design with a listing of the bank's branches on the left side of the banknote.
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