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The Provincial Bank of Ireland
Series B 1871-1919 General Issues


Provincial Bank multibranch General Issue

Many Provincial banknotes prior to ca.1900 were split down the middle for transportation as separate halves for security reasons, and later rejoined. It is likely that on being rejoined the notes would have had their serial numbers rematched, as the number of a banknote is an important security device.

A large quantity of cut-cancelled half notes turned up around 1970. It would appear that most of the split and rejoined notes extant are those that had been previously cut-cancelled and then rejoined ca.1970 for collecting purposes to make up examples of the notes. These cancelled rejoined notes with mismatching serial numbers quite common.

A considerable number of cut up and joined notes have had their serial numbers interfered with so that they appear to match. Some rejoined notes consist of several peices. A great many cancelled banknotes exist.

Intact unsplit non-cancelled notes with dates prior to ca1905 are rare, as are split rejoined non-cancelled notes with matching serial numbers. Most of the surviving issued notes are intact. This would overwhelmingly point towards the splitting of notes as being a device of cancellation rather than one of transportation. A lot of Specimens and Proofs are also available.

Series B. [1871-1918] Multi-branch General Issue

Large sized banknotes. Uniface. All branches of the bank listed in four lines in the centre of each note (£1, £3, £50, £100), or in two columns on the left and right sides of each banknote (£5, £10, £20). Head Office DUBLIN.
Sizable quantities of printer’s Specimens and Proofs exist of many banknotes of this Series.
£50 and £100 notes are of a different design, being plainer with the bust of the Monarch on the left.

Three Types of Provincial Bank notes by design variation

There are three Types by major design variation for Series B banknotes, as listed below.

Type A

provincial bank of ireland one pound 1872

Type B
provincial bank of ireland limited one pound 1884

Type C
provincial bank of ireland limited 3 pounds 1905

Three Types

Type A. 1871. Provincial Bank of Ireland

Portrait of Queen Victoria on top left of each banknote.

Type B. 1882. Bank title changed to Provincial Bank of Ireland Limited

“Unlimited for Note Issue” added.

Type C. 1903. Monarch’s bust deleted from design and replaced with denomination panel

Banknote colour changed to blue on £1, £3, £5, £10, £20 denominations.

Various numbers of extra branches added. The following combinations are known.
The extra branches are periodically integrated into the main block.
1. ca.1915 BUNDORAN.
4. ca.1917 CASTLEWELLAN.
5. ca.1918 ATHY, PORTADOWN, CASTLETOWN, BEREHAVEN, FETHARD, CASTLEISLAND, KILMACTHOMAS, CASTLEWELLAN. Version 3.0.0. Last update COPYRIGHT ©2000, 2009, 2015, 2021, M Mac Devitt. Reproduction with citation permitted.