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Special Identification Markings – War Codes
A Series: Type 4 and Type 5. 1940-1944
Displaced Code Variety

Central Bank of Ireland One Pound war code F
Ireland 1 Pound 1944 displaced code variety
Ireland One Pound 1944

Displaced Code Variety on 10 Shilling and One Pound Notes

Certain specific dates of 10 Shilling and 1 Pound notes occur with either of two codes on them, the normal expected code for that particular date, and the code used previously to that expected code. Displaced Code variety notes are banknotes of those dates which bear the the earlier code.

The existence of these Displaced Code notes is due most likely to the stand-by blank replacement note system in use at the time, with these extra notes being employed when spare blanks were used up at the end of a printing batch. Other factors may also apply.

The distribution of the Displaced Code dates within Type 4 and Type 5 notes is due to the production of the codes in pairs. There are three Ten Shilling note and four One Pound note Displaced Code dates recorded.

End Displaced Code Variety dates

10 Shillings 1.12.41, 28.3.44
One Pound 22.9.42, 6.12.44

Middle Displaced Code Variety dates

10 Shillings 10.8.43
One Pound 3.9.41, 29.10.43

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