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Irish Euro Banknotes
Ireland Issued Euro Notes from 1st January 2002

Ireland 100 Euro 2002
Euro flag

A New Currency

Ireland is a participating country in the Euro Zone of the EU.

On January 1, 2002 Euro banknotes and coins replaced the Irish Pound in circulation in Ireland. The currencies of all the other Euro Zone countries were also replaced by the Euro on this date.

The value of One Irish Pound is fixed at 1.269738 Euro.

National Identification Prefix

The serial number on the first series of Euro banknotes consists of a single letter plus an eleven digit number.
The prefix letter T identifies Euro banknotes allocated to Ireland.

Ireland 5 Euro Ireland 5 Euro reverse

Ireland 10 Euro Ireland 10 Euro reverse

Ireland 20 Euro Ireland 20 Euro reverse

Ireland 50 Euro Ireland 50 Euro reverse

Ireland 100 Euro Ireland 100 Euro reverse

200 Euro No Irish T 200 euro notes were produced.

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