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C Series Banknotes
Central Bank of Ireland
Legal Tender Notes 1992–2001: Four Types

Ireland 100 Pounds

Ireland 20 Pounds
Ireland 50 Pounds
Ireland 5 Pounds Specimen
Ireland 100 Pounds Series C
Ireland 50 Pounds Series C
Ireland 20 Pounds Series C
Ireland Five Pounds Series C

Modern Irish C Series Legal Tender Notes

Four Types, by signature

Types 20, 21, 22, 23

The theme of C Series Legal Tender Notes is centred on the formation of modern Ireland in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The notes were designed by the Irish artist Robert Ballagh, and the first of them, the £20 note, made its appearance in 1992.

The banknotes continued in circulation until Ireland joined the Eurozone in 2002, whereupon they were replaced by Euro notes.

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Central Bank of Ireland Series C Specimen notes
View by Type - Four Types of Legal Tender Notes by signature and design variation.
View by Denomination - An example of each denomination for every Type.
View by Date - An image of every date of each denomination.

Central Bank of Ireland C Series banknotes: Dimensions in millimetres

Note: the dimensions tended to vary by a millimetre or so, depending on the cut.

£5 Note, 120 x 64 mm;

£10 Note, 128 x 68 mm; £20 Note, 136 x 72 mm;

£50 Note, 144 x 76 mm; £100 Note, 114 x 203 mm.

Central Bank Documentary: Robert Ballagh – Designing the C Series Banknotes.

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Irel;and 10 Pound Specimen
Ireland 10 Pounds
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