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B Series Banknotes
Central Bank of Ireland
Legal Tender Notes 1976-1993 View by Date

One Pound notes 1977 to 1989. 67 Dates
Ireland Five Pounds 1976 to 1993. 36 Dates
Ireland Ten Pound notes 1978 to 1992. 35 Dates
Ireland 20 Pound notes 1980 to 1992. 25 Dates
Ireland 50 Pound notes 1982, 1991. 2 Dates

165 Dates for Irish B Series banknotes

Linked from this page are pages giving an example of every known date for each denomination of the B Series Legal Tender Notes.

All the dates of every denomination have been recorded

All of the known replacement note dates have been recorded, and there are no known replacement note dates which are not pictured here. However, there are number gaps which are big enough to allow for other replacement note dates to exist, and there are a number of reported dates which have not yet been seen. They may or may not exist.

Missing banknotes are actively being sought. Anyone with a replacement note bearing a date not pictured on these pages is invited to submit a scan for inclusion, or post it on the forum. These images have been provided for display by many collectors and these pages are available thanks to their interest in the collecting of Irish banknotes.

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