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Currency Commission Consolidated Banknotes
The Royal Bank of Ireland Ltd. 1929-1941

Three Types, by signature

Type 1R. G. A. Stanley 1929-1931. £1, £5, £10, £20, £50, £100
Type 2R. David R. Mack 1931-1939. £1, £5
Type 3R. J. S. Wilson 1939-1941. £1, £5 (
£5 likely never issued)

The Royal Bank of Ireland


The Royal Bank was founded on 1 September 1836 with 309 shareholders and commenced business in Dublin on 26 September. It took over the operations of private bankers Sir Robert Shaw, Bart & Co. which had been in existence since 1799 as Leighton, Needham & Shaw, based in Foster Place, Dublin, where the Royal established its office.
At one point, a sizeable number of Royal Bank shares were held by the Directors of The Agricultural & Commercial Bank with a view to merging the two banks, but the Agricultural & Commercial failed prior to the completion of negotiations.

The Royal Bank of Ireland sought the right to register as a bank of note issue in 1844, without success, and was precluded from doing so thereafter by the 1845 Act. It remained a Dublin bank until the 1860s, when it began to open branches further afield. In 1923, it bought the 20 branches of the Belfast Banking Company which were located in the Irish Free State.

The Royal Bank finally got the right to issue its own banknotes in 1929, as part of the Consolidated Banknote issue. Because of its small size and thus relatively small allocation (£273,000) of the total number of Ploughman notes, all denominations of Royal Bank Ploughman notes are relatively scarce. Ploughman Royal Bank One Pound notes are offered with a reasonable degree of frequency. All Stanley signature notes are scarcer than those of other signatures.

The Bank merged with The Munster & Leinster Bank and The Provincial Bank of Ireland in 1966 to form Allied Irish Banks.

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1 Bank of Ireland

2 Hibernian Bank

3 Munster and Leinster Bank

4 National Bank

5 Northern Bank

6 Provincial Bank

7 Royal Bank

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