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Currency Commission Consolidated Banknotes
The Bank of Ireland Ltd. 1929-1940

Ploughman pound

Two Types, by signature

Type 1B. J. A. Gargan 1929-1938. £1, £5, £10, £20, £50, £100
Type 2B. H. J. Johnston 1939-1940. £1, £5

The Bank of Ireland


The Bank of Ireland was established by Royal Charter on 10 May 1783. The bank was granted the sole right of banknote issue in Ireland except for Private banks of six partners or less, and was to be banker to the government. It commenced business on 25 June 1783, and proceeded to issue banknotes. The Bank of Ireland was essentially similar to a modern Central Bank of sorts, and was founded along the lines of The Bank of England and The Bank of Scotland.

The creation of Joint Stock banks of note issue as a result of the 1824 Act, and the subsequent erosion of the Bank of Ireland’s special privileges, leading up to their abolition with the 1845 Act, provided for the effective reduction in status of the bank to that of a Joint Stock bank.

The Bank of Ireland issued Ploughman notes from 1929 to 1939. Being by far the largest bank in the state, the bank had the largest allocation (£1,760,000) of Ploughman notes. The bank greatly favoured £1 notes over other denominations. Ploughman Bank of Ireland £1 notes accounted for approximately 30% of all Ploughman £1 notes. Conversely, Bank of Ireland Ploughman Ten Pound notes are relatively scarce.

The Bank also issued its own Bank of Ireland Northern Ireland issue, commencing in 1929. The Bank of Ireland exists to the present day,and continues to issue banknotes in Northern Ireland. The bank took over both the Hibernian Bank and the National Bank.

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1 Bank of Ireland

2 Hibernian Bank

3 Munster and Leinster Bank

4 National Bank

5 Northern Bank

6 Provincial Bank

7 Royal Bank

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