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The Ulster Bank
Series B 1852

Ulster Bank multibranch General Issues

Issued examples of banknotes of Type A and Type B are rare. Specimens and proofs are also scarce. Type C £1 notes are relatively easy to obtain.

Series B. [1857-1919] Multi-branch General Issue

Large sized banknote. Uniface. All branches listed in two columns on the left and right side of each banknote.
The number of branches listed on the notes increases as time goes on, with branches being added at the bottom of each side column, out of alphabetical order. Correct alphabetical order is restored periodically by means of a new printing plate.

Four Types by design variation

There are four Types by major design variation for Series B banknotes, as listed below.

Type A
ulster banking company one pound 1861

Type B
ulster bank limited one pound 1887

Type C
ulster bank one pound 1916ulster bank limited 5 pounds 1909

Type D
ulster bank five pounds 1919

Four Types

Type A. 1852. Ulster Banking Company Belfast at bottom. Similar design to Series A with 18 branches initially, in solid lettering on £5 notes, and in outline lettering on the other denominations.
Most known banknotes are Specimens. Denominations other than those listed may exist.
A1. 1852. Initial issue, printed by Charles Skipper & East.
A2. 1857. Printers Perkins Bacon. Minor changes in design.

Type B. 1883. Bank title changed to Ulster Bank Limited in 1883. Belfast DUBLIN at bottom.
Design similar to A, but altered to accommodate a much greater number of branches.
Extra branches have been observed added outside of the main block after 1910 on varieties B and C as follows:
1. ca.1914 Extra branch added in bottom border; CLOGHER.
2. ca.1916 Extra branches added in bottom border; CLOGHER, EDGEWORTHSTOWN
4. 1917 All branches integrated into main blocks. GORTIN & KILLYLEAGH not in
alphabetical order.

Type C. 1907. Style of bank title and 'BELFAST' 'DUBLIN' on bottom changed to script. Denomination on left and right of central vignette on £5 and £10 notes changed from upper case letters to numerals.

Type D. 1919. Branches changed from upper case bold lettering to outline lettering on £5 notes. • Version 2.1.0 • Last update • COPYRIGHT ©2000, 2009, 2015, M Mac Devitt. Reproduction with citation permitted.