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The Bank of Ireland

£1 notes Series F 1918–1919 and Series G 1920–1921

Bank of Ireland reduced size £1 notes

A sub-group among Bank of Ireland note issues

The new 1918 reduced size £1 note was the first significant change in Bank of Ireland’s note issues since ca1880. One Pound notes were reduced in size to approximately 60% of that of previous issues. Higher denomination notes remained large size. These reduced size £1 notes ran for two series before being replaced by a new design, Series H in 1922. Series F and Series G form a sub-group within the overal Bank of Ireland note issues, and are the earliest grouping of Irish banknotes which are feasible to collect in their entirety.

One Pound notes by date

There are 143 dates for the reduced size £1 note, spread across the two varieties of Series F and two varieties of Series G. An example of each date, where available, is presented in the Bank of Ireland reduced size One Pound notes date listing. Ultimately, the aim is to record an image of every date. Some of the as yet unrecorded dates fall between known dates for signatories, and therefore the signatory for the missing date may not be known, as well as the date. A unique date was used for each prefix. The number of dates is known therefore from the highest recorded prefix, which stands at B/62. Prefixes were started at A/10, running to A/99; then B/10, observed to B/62.

Series F 1918–1920. Dates known: 98 New design. Two Types by signature variation

There are two signature variations for Series F banknotes: W. H. Baskin (Type A, 1918–1919), 83 confirmed dates; A. G. Fleming (Type B, 1919–1920), 14 confirmed dates. There is one date with signature unknown (prefix A/93) which could be either signature, and a further unknown date which could be Series F or Series G (prefix B/18)

Series G 1920–1921. Dates known: 44 Branch listings removed from banknotes. Two Types by signature variation

There are two signature varieties, A.G. Fleming (Type A, 1920), 24 confirmed dates; and S. Hinton (Type B, 1921), 16 confirmed dates. There are four unknown dates which fall within the signature change gap and thus could be either signatory (prefixes B/43, B/44, B/45, B/46), and a further unknown date which could be Series F or Series G (prefix B/18). Series G £1 notes are scarcer than those of Series F. • Version 2.1.0 • Last update • COPYRIGHT ©2000, 2009, 2015, M Mac Devitt. Reproduction with citation permitted.