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Token Currency Issues in Ireland

Non-bank private issues

Various papermoney tokens have been produced in Ireland for use as a general currency in a specific environment. Some of these have been used as currency by the public.

Limerick Soviet Treasury Notes 1919

The general strike in Limerick in 1919 was in response to the British declaration of much of Limerick City as a military area during the Irish war of independence. The strike committee produced paper money tokens in three denominations — 1 Shilling, 5 Shillings, and 10 Shillings — for use inside the martial law zone for the 14 day duration of the strike. These Limerick Soviet Notes were said to have briefly circulated, with all notes presented being redeemed after the end of the issue. Other references indicate that these 'Treasury Notes' may in fact actually not have entered circulation.

This banknote issue is a unique event in the history of Irish Papermoney.

Ballykinlar Internment Camp Tokens 1919-1921

During the Irish war of independence the British military commenced the internment of known Irish nationalists at Ballykinlar. The camp was located at Abercorn Barracks in present day Northern Ireland. At its peak the internment camp was home to several thousand internees. The camp was rather like a POW camp in that it had a certain autonomy over its own internal affairs. One of the manifestations of this was the issue of tokens by the internees for use as currency inside the camp.

RO-MA Local currency project 1999

The RO•MA tokens were produced in 1999. It was a local currency sponsored by local businesses, which circulated in Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo for 2 months on a pilot basis. The name came from ROscommon-MAyo.

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