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Irish Error Notes

Irish Paper Money errors, and especially A Series Lavery errors are quite scarce.

The links above display a selection of the known Irish error notes. Some known types of error notes are not available for illustration. We would welcome submissions from anyone in possession of error note types that are not illustrated here.

Serial Number Errors
Generally these are among the most common of Irish error notes. There are many varieties, some of which are illustrated here.
X-101. Banknote blank - No date or serial numbers.
X-102. Partial Missing Serial Numbers.
X-103. Mismatched Serial Numbers.
X-104. Slipped Serial Number Digit(s).

Print Errors
Print Errors include the most common Irish error banknote varieties, and some of the scarcest. Especially common are B Series and C Series notes missing one or more entire layers of printing. Missing print errors are also highly collectible due to their spectacular appearance, and therefore tend to be relatively valuable. Offset transfer errors are considerably scarcer, though there is a large variety amongst them.
X-201. Missing Print.
X-202. Board Blank.
X-203. Double Impression.
X-204. Blank Crease.
X-205B. Partial Offset Transfer.
X-206. Printed Fold.
Blank Crease errors are amongst the scarcest Irish banknote errors.

Cutting Errors
Cutting Errors are the most spectacular and collectible of error banknotes. They are also amongst the most commonly found errors.
X-301. Folded Misscut Banknote.
X-302. Extra paper on an otherwise normal note.

Faulty Alignment Errors
These error notes are caused by the banknote paper moving during printing. They are generally very minor. However, when part of the printing that is normally on the note goes off the edge of it, the banknote becomes considerably more collectible.
X-401. Faulty Alignment

Metallic Security Thread Errors
Errors in the metallic security thread are by their nature a feature of relatively modern banknotes. Some are very minor such as the Twisted Security Thread error, and others are very significant like the Double Security Thread, which really shouldn't happen at all.
X-501. Twisted Security Thread.
X-502. Double Security Thread.
X-503. Missing Security Thread.
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