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Currently available, the 2017 Third Edition of the essential catalogue on Irish Paper Money

Irish Banknotes

Irish Paper Money 1928–2001

by Martan MacDevitt

Third Edition 2017

Available from booksellers and dealers

Specifications: Card cover, 76 pages, A5 size (210mm x 148mm, 7mm thick), Black and white throughout with one colour reference chart.
ISBN-13: 9780954371241. RRP £15.

The Irish Banknotes series of paperback books have been in print since 2001, in various formats.

The Third Edition of the A5 paperback version is the definitive guide and catalogue of modern Irish Papermoney, a useful guide and essential reference for anyone interested in collecting the paper money of Ireland.

The book covers all the government banknote issues of the Irish Free State and Republic of Ireland, with descriptions, quantities printed, valuations and over 70 illustrations of Consolidated banknotes (Ploughman), 1929-1941; Series A banknotes (Lavery), 1928-1977; Series B banknotes, 1976-1993; Series C banknotes, 1992-2001 (by date); Limerick Soviet notes, 1919.

Special attention is made to illustrating the rarer note issues.

The third edition of Irish Banknotes features:

  • Revised valuations throughout, based on market movements. A brief review of the state of the market in Irish note collecting, and of interesting items that have turned up—much of this is already on this site, posted as it occurred.

  • The second progress report on the Ploughman Scan Survey, PSS2016, with an updated calculation of the estimated number of surviving Plowman notes based on the amounts outstanding and the amounts recorded in the survey. The Ploughman Scan Survey report also includes a breakdown by bank of 3,160 actual recorded £1, £5, and £10 notes up to August 2016. (£9,194 face value, 8.73% of the outstanding total amount of £105,250). The reader can make their own estimates of numbers of surviving notes based on these data.

  • Progress report on the Lavery Rare Notes Census, LRNC. The quantities of A Series Lady Lavery Legal Tender Notes recorded in the survey are presented, along with grades.

  • There is a major re-write of the section on Limerick Soviet Notes since the last edition which analyses the new discoveries over the past two years. Two new varieties of Limerick Soviet notes have been recorded since the Second Edition was published in 2014. Illustrations have been added of the newly discovered notes.

  • The section on C Series banknotes has been expanded in this edition to cover the notes by date, with a listing of all the dates of issue and updated prefix information that had not been recorded on the last occasion that the series was covered by date. C Series information is now essentially complete. Updates to the replacement note prefix ranges are also made, though there is not a huge difference there.

  • A colour reference chart of ETO war codes on the World War 2 issues has been added, along with colour illustrations of the Mulberry Variety notes.

 • Version 2.1.0 • COPYRIGHT ©2000, 2015 M Mac Devitt. Reproduction with citation permitted.