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B Series Banknotes
Central Bank of Ireland
Legal Tender Notes 1976–1993: Five Types

Carolan 50

Five Types, by signature
Legal Tender Notes: Types 15, 16, 17, 18, 19.

Medb Pound Scotus 5 Swift 10 Yeats 20

Celtic design banknotes

In December 1971 the Central Bank of Ireland announced its intention to introduce a new series of Legal Tender Notes. The new series, termed the B Series, was to replace the A Series notes circulating since 1928, and was to be of a more modern design and format. The first of the new B Series notes to enter circulation was the £5 note in 1976.

The B Series banknotes have a specifically Irish historical flavour. The series is based on historic and cultural themes ranging from the pre-Christian era to the twentieth century.

B Series notes continued the established practice of each note bearing a date of issue. The notes use a prefix of three letters, composed from the first 12 letters of the alphabet. Replacement notes are identified by a prefix of three letters the same, as follows: One Pound notes– BBB, DDD, GGG; Five Pound notes– AAA, FFF; Ten Pound notes– CCC, HHH; Twenty Pound notes– EEE, LLL; Fifty Pound notes– KKK.

A design pattern was done for a £100 denomination, but it was not required by the Central Bank of Ireland. A Series £100 notes remained in circulation.

Central Bank of Ireland B Series banknotes: Dimensions in millimetres

Note: the dimensions tended to vary by a millimetre or so, depending on the cut.

£1 Note, 148 x 78 mm; £5 Note, 156 x 82 mm;

£10 Note, 164 x 86 mm; £20 Note, 172 x 90 mm;

£50 Note, 180 x 94 mm.

£100 Note, 188 x 98 mm. The £100 denomination was never issued. The design reached an advanced stage, and images can be viewed on the page covering the design of the Series B 100 note festuring Grainuaile. • Version 2.1.0 • Last update • COPYRIGHT ©2000, 2009, 2015, M Mac Devitt. Reproduction with citation permitted.